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FISH SHOCKER / FISH STUNNER SAMUS725M - professional fishing tool for electrofishing

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This page is sacrificed to show a fishing tool for electrofishing called electric fish shocker / fish stunner - SAMUS725M. This fishing tool is named differently in some countries ( electrofishing rod, electric fishing shocker, fishing converter, fishing generator, backpack electrofisher etc). I catch fishes by the means of fish shocker / fish stunner from several years and a lot of my colleagues also use these fishing tools in their research or fishery practice. This is a quick manner of fishing of various species both small and very big ones. Fish shocker / fish stunner is used for fishing by ichthyologists , environmental biologists and fishermen for research and some people use it for consumption fishing. The fish stunner is found useful in lakes or rivers and enables to catch fish safely and in large quantities.

From this page you will learn how to electrofish and electronic description of fish shocker / fish stunner , how fishes react to electric current , in which manner to catch different species and gallery of fishes from many electrofishing escapades.

This web site is designed to present two models of fish shocker / fish stunner designed by SAMUS Special Electronics and called SAMUS725M and SAMUS300 - these fishing tools are the most advanced electrofishers in its class but cost much less than similar electric fishing tools in the world.They are also much smaller than other electrofishers and a small fishing tool is better than heavy electrofishing equipment in field work. These fishing tools are also absolutely safe and lightweight (portable) and give a chance to conduct electrofishing in any conditions- both in small streams as well as on big deep rivers.

In case of interest in fish shocker / fish stunner for electrofishing from your side please do not hesitate to contact with us. We are open to all your questions and feel free to drop a line if you think you have one.  info@electro-fisher.com

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