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What is the electrofisher?

How to electrofish?

Electrofisher SAMUS725G

Fish shocker SAMUS300


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electric shock fishing


Fish shocker / fish stunner built on MOSFET transistors.

Voltage of inverter 400-500 Volt - Impulse amplitude 800 and 1000V

500 watts of output power ( in order to achieve high-reliability )

Electric fish shocker (fish stunner) has a built-in microcomputer, which allows to regulate frequency and voltage of impulses by the means of keyboard and also indicates on digital display:

Frequency and voltage of going out electric impulses ( frequency and voltage of output impulses are stable, does not depend on power supply or loading)

Exit power in watts - J (current) X 10 = POWER

Consumed current in the amperes

Quantity of used ampere-hours from battery

Time of electrofishing

General field work of electric fishing tool in hours and ampere-hours (data saved when power supply is off)- this funcion is disabled in this model.

Indicator of battery unloading - yellow diode on the panel.
Blackout of display panel in case of night fishing (optional)

Device is switched by inserting a password which protects from unauthorised use ( there is another password which after inserting the electrofisher does not give high voltage- only display panel is on- this function is necessary for some countries where electrofishing is forbidden)

Overload and polarity protection.

Industrial internal outlook

Dimensions (box of 167X155X58 )

Weight < 1,1 kg ( without battery)

Power supply from battery from a UPS or from a car battery (7-10 AH battery sufficient on 1-4 hours of electrofishing).

Warranty- 1 year.

The fish shocker catches various fish very well.

Main technical features of electric fishing machine SAMUS300:


Input Voltage

12 VDC Nominal Range ( 10-14 VDC)

Input Current

5-50 Amps ( operating 10-20 Amps)

Output Voltage

1000 V max ( 400 and 500 V- inverter and doubled in impulse from 800 to 1000 V max)

Output Power

500 watts maximum (in peak) ( operating 40-200 watts)

Output Frequency

(5-100) Hz in 1 Hz steps


< 1,1 kg ( battery 7 Ah 2,5 kg)


167х155х58 millimetres


12 V DC ( any model)

Battery life

7 Ah (1-4 hours of electrofishing) Larger battery-longer fishing.

Overload protection

Yes (“---------------” appears on display panel while working)

Polarity protection

YES ( “+” and“ - ” change will not cause damage of fish shocker)

Battery alarm

Yellow diode appears on display panel in the middle when it reaches 10,3 V

Internal outlook photo of electric fishing machine / fish stunner below :


fish stunner outlook