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What is the electrofisher?

How to electrofish?

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electro fishing principles

How to start electrofishing ?

Electrofishing is quite simple, however, it may seem to be very complicated at the first sight.
The most important is to meet all cable connections and the electro fishing device . To connect correctly device we should install first the button of steering on landing net and to connect the high voltage cable into the landing net. The button is the common PRESS-REALEASE button this means that in moment of pressing device switches ON and makes possible fishing and in moment of releasing the button the electrofisher switches OFF.
This button we install on landing net - we attach it with isolation to landing net in distances 30-50 cm from end so that we could easily operate the landing net and switch on the electrofisher.
This button is connected with cables of steering input power- we press the button then the device switches ON- we release the button then device switches OFF.
High-voltage cable - (up to 1000 Volt) we can install directly to the hoop and to wind its rest on stick or what more comfortable to place into the centre of plastic telescopic tube ( handle of landing net) with connector (socket) at the end of the handle. This connector allows to release the handle of the landing net from the electrofisher itself. Then we can only connect sockets each time we start fishing to landing net or disconnect when we go home.

electro fishing landing net

When we have this done we can connect cables of plus (+) and minus (-) to the battery (from UPS 10 Ah or any other) and we can start fishing dipping the landing net in water and pressing press-release button. In this moment flow of electric current follows between electrodes and executes the fishing. In the course of hunting negative (-) electrode is placed in water "freely" and positive electrode (anode)(+) serves to active fishing. Intensity of current field is the greatest at positive electrode and quickly diminishes with the distance from it. In regard with this fishes become paralysed in the radius not greater than 2-5 metres from anode. Inertly flowing fishes we should pick up quickly because in the course of several seconds they recover equilibrium and escape at random while electrofishing is conducted by you and your team.
When we catch wading in a river cathode cable we pull near behind so that space out between electrodes must be not greater than 2-3 metres. Similarly, in case of fishing from boat. Fishermen should also watch out not to close cathode and anode and simultaneously to switch on the device because it may cause its overload and damage, but it should not happen in most cases as the electrofisher has built-in protection from overloads.

electro fishing from a boat

Fishermen should also remember that electrofisher is an electric device in order to avoid the contact of electric field with the bare body- waders must be waterproof and be electrically resistant as well as landing net must be plastic not to paralyse anybody - the same refers to boats.

The electrofisher SAMUS 725M is very safe but it is not reccomended to put the hands into water while electrofishing though.