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Electrofishing equipment operating instructions

Functions of electrofisher SAMUS700 will be described below:

electrofishing equipment password insertion

When we have electrofishing equipment completed and the electrofisher SAMUS700 is power supplied then the device goes in the state of password insertion without which the fishing is not possible. It is necessary instead of zeroes to insert the 6 digit password. This is done by the means of up and down buttons. Shifting to another digit goes with pressing the button IND. Passing goes from left to right in a cycle. Next press button MOD. If you did it wrong the device remains in the same state. When done correctly the electrofisher will be opened and go into basic functions.

Basic functions of the electrofisher SAMUS700

Left side                                 Right side
electrofishing equipment password

Left side                                Right side
portable electrofishing equipment

Since that moment the indicator will be separated on two parts - left and right. On the left frequency (Hz) and duration ( milliseconds) appear. The choice is changed by the button MOD. These parameters may be regulated by up-down buttons. When electrofisher is switched on frequency is set on optimum level and the duration on minimum. The settings will be saved in every case: in case of pressing indicator (IND), automatically switched overload protection or if the left side shows other parameters as for instance general operating time in Ampere-hours for all fishing time.

backpack electrofishing equipment

Right side of the panel serves controlling parameters of electrofisher. Passing from one parameter to another goes by pressing the button IND.

1)First function:

electrofishing equipment for boats

P - Power (watts). When the steering button is not pressed - off (START) the consumed power is in the idle mode. When the START is pressed (ON) the output power appears on the panel on the right side.

2) Second function

J - the consumed current by electrofisher ( Amperes) . After the point we can see decimals of Ampere.

3) Third function

H - hours - the number of consumed Ampere-hours during electrofishing. If the battery was full loaded and during electrofishing it was unloaded then we can see the real capacity of Ampere-hours, which a given battery has. After the point we can see decimals of ampere-hours.

4) Fourth function

Time of electrofishing. When the password is inserted the time is counting automatically and it is displayed on the panel at once. The given function is not marked by any sign and is recognised by the blinking second point.

5) Fifth function

General operating time of electrofisher. When the power supply is being off the indicator of Ampere-hours and time of electrofishing is resetable to zeroes. However, during operation time the data are saved and summed up in memory. The left side shows number of Ampere-hours and the right one shows number of worked hours.

6) Sixth function

Button LHT ( blackout) is designed to switch off the indicator( display) when the steering button is off. Passing to previous state goes by pressing the button LHT again. When the blackout is ON all settings keep going , however, they are not visible.

Additional Functions

1) Overload protection

The electrofisher SAMUS700 has an overload protection, which prevents the device from damages, that switches on when the power exceeds 600 watts. When it works the display shows (- - - - - - - - -). As it is possible to overheat MOSFET transistors then in such case the device automatically blocks itself for 5 seconds from further operating ( in case of pressing the button START) - this time is necessary to cool the transistors. In the moment of blocking all regulations keep going without influence on indication. After 5 second period (- - - - - - - - -) disappears and the electrofisher is ready for fishing again.


Overload protection works in very critical situations, which one should not allow to happen. It is suggested not to work on high power levels ( over 400 watts) ( it is not necessary) . The protection also works where the water is high conductive or polluted, especially if concentration of salts in water disproportional. Some kinds of water bottom may conduct current effectively and overload protection may start working while landing net touches the bottom field.

2) Indication of unloading battery.

If, on the display panel, the blinking sign (-) appears in the middle this means that battery voltage decreased below permissible level ( 10,3 V). If it goes while the button START is pressed it is advised to lower the power of fishing in order to catch for some time yet. If the (-) is lighting constantly then you should stop electrofishing and change or charge the battery.

Proper operation of electrofisher while the battery is lower than 10 volts is not guaranteed.

Additional remarks and pieces of advise while working with electrofisher SAMUS700.

ATTENTION!! If the power supply is disconnected then the display unit is reseted and time is zeroed, also Ampere-hours indication and it is necessary to insert password again to switch a device again.

While electrofishing please try to work with visible functions P or I ( right side) in order to have control over power of electrofishing. Given parameters interdependent and it is advised to observe them from time to time. For instance good results are obtained while fishing on J=10-20 Amperes and F ( frequency) 40-50 Hz.

For the first switching try to control(regulate) parameters on OFF-START mode. The consumed current should not exceed 0,1 A.

If the fish is sinking, swims away on deep water or from landing net, please try to decrease power of electrofisher by regulation of impulse duration. If this does not help try to decrease power regulating frequency. If the fish gambols, makes circles in the water while going to landing net then raise the frequency.